What is Cloud Computing and Why Should You Use It?

by Rochelle on March 28, 2012

Really, what is Cloud Computing?

Everyone talks about the “cloud,” but the exact definition of cloud computing still feels as nebulous as its namesake. The best way to think about it is simply using the a shared storage space to exchange information, collaborate, synch your data, or to access documents from a variety of mobile devices. It’s a universalized network, essentially the internet, that allows people to store and share data across the world.

How does it help Businesses?

Many businesses have or are in the process of transitioning their data from servers and local area networks (LAN) to the cloud. Hosting conducted a survey amongst business professionals and found that 45% viewed cloud computing as a top priority for their company, and 80% of leaders who hadn’t already shifted to the cloud were considering converting from traditional servers.

Why? Cloud computing can help you company save money and time, while increasing the convenience and security of your data access.

Many individuals within companies find cloud computing easier to use, and rely less on an IT department. Your employees can also access data from anywhere, not just an office computer network, which makes it easier for employers to hire independent contractors and save money on payroll taxes and other employee expenses.

Cloud computing can also save your company on the cost of email services, virus protection and webhosting, and lower power bills and computer repairs. You can also rest easy knowing that your data is safe in the case of power surges or damage to physical servers.

Want to know more? Here’s a new Docstoc video just released this week by Kim Kovacs, CEO of OptionEase, about why she recommends cloud computing:


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