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by Jason on February 18, 2008

One of the added benefits of docstoc, is that users can store all their documents privately online for free. Upload your word, excel, powerpoint, and pdf files to docstoc, mark the documents private, and easily access your important documents anytime, anywhere.

There are two ways to make documents private on docstoc.

1.) After upload go to your profile and check the box to mark a document private.
2.) At the time of upload, select the private drop down box for those documents you want stored privately


Documents that are stored privately, can not be accessed through the keyword search or categories on docstoc. Those documents will remain hidden from the rest of the community. However you can still access those documents from your profile, and share the link to the document with people you want to provide access.

Private storage on docstoc is great for:
1.) Having easy access to important files, you can preview or download, anywhere you have internet acess
2.) Sharing large files such as a presentations or business plans. Instead of trying to email a 10 MGB file, upload the doc to docstoc and simply email url of the document.
3.) Keeping backup copies of your files online in case of emergency. Also try creating your own directory of folders from your “my documents” on docstoc, and drag and drop your private files into your own customized directory of online folders.

And stay tuned for our new and improved “My Documents” on docstoc, more to come….

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Sue Spiers July 22, 2008 at 9:29 am

Can folders of files have a URL that can be sent to others to review (stored as private) or are these viewable only on an individual document basis.

We have groups that meet regularly and had hoped to have all meeting materials available for viewing (could be anywhere from 1-10 documents).

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