May Marketing and Other Biz-themed Months

by Jason on May 1, 2012


We’ve been in the process of overhauling our approach to social media so that it better connects our followers to a wider variety of useful topics, ideas and solutions of interest to business owners.

Every month we’ll be covering a relevant business theme, and breaking it down into weekly subtopics. Our goal is to find and share the best resources and start discussions with the entrepreneurial community, on topics such as Sales, Fundraising and Investing, Human Resources, Legal Tips for Small Business and more. This month’s topic is Marketing, and our current week’s subtopic is Social Media. Here’s our schedule:



May Theme: Marketing


Week 1: Social Media: Exploring the standard and cutting edge social networking sites, and how to leverage your likes and followers to boost your business

Week 2: Websites: Resources for building an attractive website and boosting SEO and traffic

Week 3: Online Marketing: The best approaches to email marketing, AdSense, blogging and more

Week 4: Advertising & PR: Methods for understanding you market and connecting with them through strong public relations and targeted ads

Week 5: Sales: Tips and guides from sales experts who’ve closed huge deals and mastered the art of persuasion



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