License123: Customer Thoughts & Updates

by Rochelle on March 20, 2012

As was reported earlier in the blog, Docstoc recently launched License123, which won the award at the Launch conference for “Best Business Model.” Since then, it’s attracted people from across the country who are interested in starting a business, but are unsure what permits and licenses they’ll need. Even if you’re just researching an idea,¬†License123 allows you to access a free list of required licenses and view a sample report before purchasing. Since its unveiling, it’s become a light in a fog for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

We’ve reached out to people who turned to License123 for assistance, and gotten feedback on their experience. Several customers were very enthusiastic about License123, and were interested in sharing how it helped them.

Amy Isenberg is 34 and lives in Los Angeles, and she used License123 to research her food truck concept. “I was considering a new small business, given the food truck craze and my love for a lean corned beef sandwich,” she explained. Amy was considering partnering with a local deli “to have a traditional Jewish-style deli truck that serves authentic foods (pastrami, corned beef, etc.)”

Amy started researching what she needed to license the truck, and License123 popped up in Google. Even though she was unsure whether or not she was going to pull the trigger on her business idea, Amy thought $9.95 was worth the information: “I thought a one-stop-shop visit would be more efficient and reliable than searching for individual permits on my own. Although they are available for free, it’s hard to know if I have the complete set or if I am missing any important permits. Missing just one may cost lots of money in the long run. I could easily justify the $10 for accurate, complete info.”

The key to License 123, Amy discovered, was its simplicity. As she explained, “what I like most about the License123 experience is that the full list of permits I need appears all on one page, and as you click through each one, a synopsis appears at the top of the page to explain WHY I need it, and in terms I can easily understand.¬† Each one made sense.”

Many thanks to Amy and other customers for their input so far. When it was unveiled in San Francisco License123 covered 50 major cities, and we’ve been working on adding 15 more cities as quickly as possible, including Boston, Las Vegas, Now Orleans, Kansas City, Atlanta, Detroit, Portland and more! If you would like us to add your city, shoot us a line at!

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fari March 30, 2012 at 6:44 am

License123 is the best way to allow and assist people to start a small business across the country.

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