Five Must-Try Ways to Boost Sales

by Rochelle on May 30, 2012

Increasing sales takes work. But there are some simple approaches to sales you may not have considered that can be highly effective. Here are five great way to easily boost business sales…


Create Special Offers for Past Users

If you haven’t (or have barely) harnessed the power of past customers, it’s time to dig more deeply into market.  This is your most profitable demographic, they have already been convinced of the worth of your product or service, and trust your brand. They are the most primed to spend money on it again. Reward past customers with special deals; maybe offer them an exclusive look at a new product before the public, and offer them  a special discount if they act before the release date. Treating past customers as “preferred customers” increases customer loyalty and satisfaction, and can lead to a surprising amount of sales.


Offer Another Payment Option

Many times the payment is what prevents a customer from completing an online sale. If you only accept credit cards, consider offering PayPal or Moneybookers  as other options, to ease the concerns of customers who fear entering credit card information on an unfamiliar website. Another easy change is to simply make payment easier, make as few steps as possible between clicking “Purchase This” and submitting payment information. You will be surprised how many people don’t follow through with purchases simply because they don’t feel like clicking through too many steps.


Good Email Newsletter Campaigns

Many businesses already implement email blasts, because successful and consistent newsletters have been proven to increase click-throughs and sales. But remember, if readers feel they’re being emailed a constant sales pitch (no matter how it’s phrased) they will not be interested in receiving your newsletters. The key to email newsletters today is providing value; meaningful insight, creative ideas, useful applications of your products or special deals. There are too many other newsletters and spam filters out there that will keep your newsletters from your customer’s eyes; you can’t afford to send anything but the most useful content.


Create an Attractive Custom Landing Page on Facebook

Almost all businesses are active in social media, but many don’t take full advantage of its opportunities for increasing conversions. Increasing Facebook likes do not equate to higher sales. Having an attractive page that engages customers, shares new products, offers special promotions… that can lead to sales. Facebook has the option to customize your page so that new visitors see a sleeker business page upon landing. Use this to display eye-catching graphics featuring your newest deals or products, and consistently include special offers Facebook users will return to see.


Take the Consultative Approach

If your business is more service-based, you may consider offering value without initially asking money. This has been deemed the “consultative” approach to sales, a drastic step away from the traditional hard-sell approach. People are much less responsive to direct approaches, and more open to trust and purchase from people who started out offering obligation-free advice. It also allows you to get to know the customer intimately, what they need and want, and how you can fit into that. This is more of an approach than a direct tactic, but consider doing more research on Consultative Sales if your business has slowed down… it’s a great way to build a base of extremely devoted customers.

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