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by Jason on November 12, 2007

You can share and display any document (.doc, .pdf, .xls, .ppt) in your own blog or on any website where you can add embeded codes with the docstoc flash player. Here are some examples of other sites using the player. EXAMPLE 1 EXAMPLE 2

Here is are two examples of how the documents display:

10 Questions to Consider When Starting a New Business – Get more free documents

Embed Documents in Myspace – Get more documents

In order to embed a document onto your website or blog from docstoc:

1.) upload your document to docstoc (you can upload anonymously if you are not logged in); or find a document already on docstoc you want to share

2.) go to the page where the document is displayed on docstoc: 10 Questions to Consider When Starting a New Business

3.) find the embed code on the right hand side of the document display page and copy the code inside the box

4.) You can change the settings of the embeded object. Where it says [ width='670' height='550 ] – change the numbers next to width and height to modify the size of the embeded object. The docstoc embeded object is also automatically set to display related documents, other documents by the user, and stats (download, views, ratings) at the bottom of the embeded object. If you do not want to display those features, make sure to un-check the boxes, before you copy and paste the code. Note, that if the width of your embeded object is not wide enough, then not all the additional features may show, even if they all are left marked.

Try it out today!


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