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by Jason on April 28, 2010

Docstoc’s new Facebook Login allow you to share professionally drafted legal agreements, eBooks, research reports, marketing presentations, and other written works with your friends and your Docstoc community.

Starting today, you’ll stay updated on what your Facebook friends and similar Facebook users are recommending, commenting on, and sharing all without leaving You can quickly look at the Facebook Activity log on our Home Page to view the documents your friends are recommending to read. To make this easier for our users, the ‘Like’ button is now part of all Docstoc documents (See below- in Red Circle) allowing you effortlessly post the document you recommended to your Facebook account.

Top right hand side of Docstoc pages:

Right hand side of professional documents:

Bottom of the Docstoc Viewer:

For example, visit one of Docstoc’s presentations, log in using either your facebook account or your Docstoc account, and from there, you’ll be able to recommend the presentation to your friends and colleagues.  Also, your profile will appear by your recommend document. This makes finding your friends’ reviews on Docstoc a snap!

You’re recommendation will also appear on your Facebook wall:

Not only that, with your Facebook account, you can access our 17 million professional documents and be able to purchase our premium and established publisher’s documents.

This new cool feature will allow you to easily share and recommend documents to your friends across the web and to get their opinions on what you’re reading and purchasing on Docstoc.

Try it out by logging in today and visiting any professional document!

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