Do You Know What Today Is?

by Jason on June 2, 2009

Taking full advantage of our newly debuted blog-like homepage, we’re announcing the creation of a brand new Docstoc mainstay. The Today Is feature will be gracing the homepage of Docstoc everyday and feature exciting, relevant events that are happening or have happened on this day — or week or month — in history.

Today Is will feature a unique mix of pertinent business information, national days of celebration and miscellaneous bits of historical information. You can check in on Docstoc’s Today Is to get a jump on the day’s banter, increase your overall worldly knowledge or just show off to your friends.

Each day will feature something new and exciting and we’re eager to bring you subjects you will be talking about for days to come, along with insight and resources about those subjects you can’t find anywhere else.

Check out the Docstoc homepage everyday to learn more about just what Today Is.

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