Announcing The New Marketplace for Professional Documents

by Jason on February 23, 2010

f you’ve visited Docstoc – the largest site to find and share professional documents – anytime in the past few months, most chances are that you came across the DocStore – our document store, where you can find premium professional documents sold by recognized publishers such as LegalZoom, Career Press, Barnes Reports and many more. Today, we are taking one step forward and opening up our platform to any professional and individual allowing them to sell their documents, as we aim to create the largest professional document marketplace. Read the full story here.

So if you’re an investor, lawyer, teacher or other professional, an entrepreneur or small business, we’re sure you have documents you’ve created and accumulated over the years, and we at Docstoc feel that your hard work shouldn’t go to waste. That’s why we’re offering you the opportunity to sell and make money of documents you created, own or have the rights to sell. The process is short – a 2-minute application with no risks or cost involved – and you can start today .

Once you publish your documents, you can get real-time sales reports on your personalized Dashboard, where you can see how many people viewed your documents, play with different pricing and refine how users preview your documents before they purchase.

Seller's Dashboard

Seller's Dashboard

Document Catalog

Document Catalog

Sellers on DocStore will also benefit from a simple and efficient way of selling their content on their own websites or blogs. Using our embedded viewer like the one below, anyone can quickly create their own small document store with no complicated e-commerce integration – we take care of everything.

A Guide to Estate Planning

So what’s in it for us, you ask? Good question. We will split with you any earnings coming from selling your documents, so you will be receiving 50% of the price that you set. Simple, right? There are no monthly fees, transactions, processing or any of these kinds of things that other distributors like to throw on you.

What if nobody bought your document? Well, in that case you lost nothing, but you still gained exposure and links back to your site.

On top of that, we’d like to throw in a promotion to start the party – for the first 60 days we won’t even take our half, and you will actually receive 100% of what you sell. Sell 10 copies of your $25 research paper? – get a check for $250 at the end of the month.

So try it out today! Dig out your old documents from that drawer, and start putting them to good use.

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