March 2012

Smart Finance: What to do with Your Refund

by Rochelle on March 30, 2012

Most Americans expect a refund each year, but many treat it like some sort of bonus. Remember, this is your money, and like all your other revenue you should invest in wisely. Here are some smart tips for those just receiving a refund, in a relative order of urgency:   Reflect: If you received a massive refund, ...

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Really, what is Cloud Computing? Everyone talks about the “cloud,” but the exact definition of cloud computing still feels as nebulous as its namesake. The best way to think about it is simply using the a shared storage space to exchange information, collaborate, synch your data, or to access documents from a variety of mobile devices. ...

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License123: Customer Thoughts & Updates

by Rochelle on March 20, 2012

As was reported earlier in the blog, Docstoc recently launched License123, which won the award at the Launch conference for "Best Business Model." Since then, it's attracted people from across the country who are interested in starting a business, but are unsure what permits and licenses they'll need. Even if you're just researching an idea, License123 ...

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iPhone Users Rejoice

by Rochelle on March 15, 2012

sssss   All of Docstoc's Free iPad Apps are now available via iPhone, and the collection is growing. There are currently 7 apps available in the iTunes store, but Docstoc is working on releasing over quadruple that amount before the summer. These apps focus on providing  resources for professionals in specific areas of interest, from job interviews ...

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Yesterday Docstoc was invited to present at Launch, a start-up conference founded by Jason Calcanis. We were proud to unveil our newest product, License123, which was lauded by panelists from Google, Microsoft and more. Judges awarded License123 with the Best Business Model award, and we're excited to continue building it out to help business owners across the country. What ...

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Docstoc Chosen for Windows 8 Launch

by Rochelle on March 2, 2012

The people over at Microsoft have been hard at work re-imagining Windows from the inside out, and on Wednesday February 29th released a consumer preview of the incredibly touch-centric Windows 8. The tile-based design is a complete shift from Windows 7, and is formatted to work on phones, tablets and computers alike. Each tile represents ...

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